I went back and forth on whether or not to have wedding programs.

We finally decided that we had to have them because we needed the psalm lyrics printed. Of course, everyone was expected to sing along. This is Norway.

How hard could it be to make a quality program, right?

The first place I went to was Google. Norwegian wedding programs. Norsk bryllupsprogram. Norwegian wedding vocabulary. Brud og brudgommen (hoping more vocabulary of similar ilk would pop up). On and on. Forums, images, Word Doc templates, asking friends and family. When trying to research wedding programs in a country and culture as ancient as this one, the volume of unhelpful information is so intensely vast that I just wanted to give up and have no programs. I thought about going the song-sheet route, maybe having a cute card with the psalms’ words on it, which would solve my vocabulary problem. However, nothing was quite exactly what I wanted, and I admit that I gave up for about a month.

I won’t even approach the topic of finding a professional printer to print my impossible-to-write programs. Everyone prints cards, invitations, posters, shirts, etc, but finding a satisfactory template on a printing website was rather difficult. If the template was cute, it either had an unalterable graphic that included English, or it didn’t understand that date and time formats, address formatting, and the alphabet are different outside of the US. Long story short on printing — I found a Norwegian printer, Optimal Print, who did a lovely job printing what ended up being our programs.

So, after all of the research and digging, what I ended up with is the following:


If some bride who is in a similar situation to me happens upon this blog, here is the template in the form of a Word Doc that you can download and fill in. The leaves on the cover I drew myself in Adobe Illustrator, so feel free to replace them as you like:

The fonts on the program are free ones I found on the internet.

I hope all this is helpful! Let me know if there are any questions or any way I can help with your own Norwegian wedding programs.