We are officially the owners of a station wagon. While it doesn’t have wood paneling, isn’t avocado green, and looks more like a bullet than a box, it is definitely a family car. We don’t plan on starting a family for a while, and by that time we hope to own an electric car, but it’s nice to have the room for the piano keyboard, skis, or anything else we might want to transport.

I had never heard of Opel before moving here, but they seem like quality vehicles. Our previous car looked every bit of nearly 20 years old and has been passed around Jens’s family as need required. The ice, snow, salt, and gravel have taken a serious toll on the car, causing it to rust and finally lose structural stability.  The new car is a 2005 model but looks brand new. We got one heck of a deal on it, too, especially considering we got it in, well, Norway.

Check us out:

Old and new.



They might have been good friends if circumstances had been different.


But what should we name it?



Så søt! Kjæresten min og bilen!