When I was talking about immigrating to Norway and had decided on January 2018 for my move date, the question that I got asked the most was, “But isn’t it, you know, winter?”

It is, in fact, winter. It doesn’t seem to phase these people. As soon as winter weather even begins, snowplows are everywhere. You’ll see three in sync all plowing the same stretch of road. It’s sort of like a dance, but with diesel.

Too, if anyone is prepared for winter weather, it is these people. Living in Texas all my life, I had never heard of someone having a set of winter tires and a set of summer tires. Here, that’s the only way to do things. Snow blocking your drive? (S)no(w) problem! Everywhere I go, everyone seems to have one of these:

Snow pusher

Ours is bigger, and red.

Let’s say the drive is shoveled and the roads are clear, but you can barely walk to your car, mailbox, or other location because the pathway is so icy. Did you know they make these little ice cleats that just fit right onto your regular shoes? My sister knew. I did not know.

I sent her this picture, and her response was, “That’s awesome. I feel like I don’t even know you.”


My response? “I already fell down once, so we are making sure no more falls.” That statement did not surprise her. I’m pretty sure I’ve never owned anything with the name “Active” in the title in my life.


I got those boots in the picture the first afternoon I was here. I told my fiance that needed appropriate shoes. He asked a few questions, trying to figure out what I was looking for, and my ultimate description was, “I need something that allows me to walk to the car.” In Texas, you can walk to the car in your bare feet most of the year. You might end up with low-grade burns on your soles, or mildly cold toes, but there is no extravagant process for simply walking to the car.

At our house, the path from the front door to the car looks like something out of “Frozen”.

And you’re not allowed to walk under icicles. It’s like I live in a Disney movie snow globe that could also kill me and leave no evidence.